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I entered Elizabeth’s heavenly healing barn late afternoon.  A shaft of sunshine lit up the gongs emitting different colours bouncing and reflecting on each other. There were some wonderful new additions to her present family of gongs!! I laid down on a padded mattress with comfortable cushions and blankets. Elizabeth asked me to relax back and take deep breaths in and out and to ground myself. I was invited to set an intention. It was lovely to just relax and clear any mental chatter in my head. I felt grounded the minute Elizabeth started playing her beautiful singing bowls that suffused my whole being and ready to receive and absorb the powerful gongs…my internal vibrational massage began with every profound strike resonating through my cells.  Elizabeth’s connects so beautifully with the gongs…she is at one with them and they speak to her. Thank you GY 

I arrived for my gong session with Liz after a challenging few weeks so I was very much looking forward to the experience. Liz immediately made me feel at ease and started with a meditation and grounding exercise which instantly relaxed me and set a positive intention for the session. Liz had created a beautiful healing space in which to carry out the session and as I lay in comfort and warmth the amazing sounds started. The blend of the gongs and Liz’s artistry in connecting with them created a truly ethereal experience during which all negative feelings and emotions were swept away and I was taken on a spiritual journey. The most poignant moments included my flying as, or with an eagle, soaring just above a magnificent forest’s tree tops. This was followed by being surrounded with wolves and then physically feeling as though the earth was drawing me into her protective and loving depths. Liz created the most wonderful music, introducing singing bowls and sounds of the animal kingdom along with the rise and fall of the gongs. Powerful crescendos created tingling on the top of my head and my mind was filled with such a range of beautiful sounds that stripped away all cares and concerns. As Liz brought the session to a close with grounding and bringing me back to the room I realised how deep I had gone and how peaceful and content I was feeling. Liz then offered me peppermint tea and we spoke about my experiences during the session. 

It has shown me the need to spend more time in the company of gongs as it is really beneficial and helpful to my journey and it’s giving “me time” which is most needed right now. DB

A wonderfully relaxing session. The sounds were just amazing. As well as the gongs, Liz played a whole lot of amazing little instruments including some little whistles that sounded like owls. I also very much enjoyed the sounds of the whales and felt as though I was swimming among them. I drifted off to some lovely places. Had a clear feeling of de-stressing. Felt in my mind that I was unwinding anti-clockwise. By the end of the session I felt so completely chilled out. I just wanted it to go on and on. The session had a very calming effect and I just wish I could go to bed with those amazing sounds ringing in my ears every night. Liz certainly has a gift for working with sounds and it is something very special. JD

As soon as I entered this beautiful gong space I could feel the sense of sacredness and loving intent radiating from it.

Liz settled me onto her very comfortable therapy bed and made sure I was warm with plenty of blankets and within moments I was totally relaxed. Liz then played the most wonderful music on her collection of Tibetan singing bowls and then slowly introduced the gongs.

Throughout her playing her musicality shone through and the rhythms and tones of the gongs carried me away as though I was floating gently on some wonderful open boat.

The gongs were anchored around her stunning Paiste Symphonic and she wove an intricate web of sound using all of her beautiful instruments. The stainless steel gongs made me think of waves lapping against the boat.

At the end of the session Liz created a simply incredible atmosphere using her range of beautiful chimes.

She then allowed me time to ‘just be’. Altogether an incredible experience created by Liz’s playing of her stunning instruments in such a sacred healing space. I felt honoured to be there. PB

I just wanted to thank you for my Gong Bath it was truly amazing! As you know I arrived getting over a viral infection and my intension was to feel stronger, healthier, happy and well! Wow!! you certainly did that; after the treatment I couldn’t believe the power of the Gongs, I felt so much stronger, not so congested, I had colour in my face, felt so much lighter. I slept like a baby!

Truly amazing, I cannot wait for the next session LW

The Barn was warm and welcoming. You wrapped me up in cosy blankets and, although I had attended a Gong Bath somewhere else before, you carefully explained what to expect. You prepared me by telling me to ‘let go, and surrender to the sounds of the gongs, imagine roots into the earth and to breathe deeply’. 

The sounds started off gently and merged beautifully from one instrument to the other throughout the session. There were little intriguing sounds that I wanted to know how you made. I felt that I was being treated with great sensitivity and care. My head pulsated with the tones from the start. A little later I felt the sounds oscillate down my spine. It was very pleasant, like a warm cuddle. I relaxed and soaked it up. It felt special to have this time for myself. As the session drew to a close you ended on the most wonderful low Gong tone and gave me time to gently awaken, relaxed and pleasantly tired.

I was so relaxed that, when I got home that I took myself to bed straight away early at 8pm. DL

Initially I was unsure how a gong bath would go. I have to admit until I heard them physically I didn’t know anything about them. I only had this image in my head of the Rank film and a very large gong going “Boing”! I am glad my curiosity got the better of me! I was pleasantly surprised by the shear complexity of sounds and the different notes and qualities of each gong.

When I arrived I was quite taken with the beauty, craftsmanship and sizes of the gongs and the different beaters. At first when Liz was playing I wanted to open my eyes and see where the sounds were coming from and how she was playing them. I couldn’t keep this thought for long and soon relaxed and found myself almost going to sleep but not! I felt very much in the here and now and my whole body seem to be absorbed by the sounds. It was a very nice experience and one I would like to experience again. BC

What an overwhelming feeling of complete relaxation. I loved it!

Driving away from my first ever gong bath I was left feeling completely at peace with myself and all which surrounds me, a feeling which I had felt I would never feel again. The evening started with total apprehension on my part which soon subsided within moments of being around Liz. As she talked me through the process of the gong bath and she made me comfortable I soon started to drift away into the beautiful sounds surrounding me, sending sensations through my body starting with a small tingly feeling on my nose and slowly throughout the session my body felt as though it was just melting into the floor as I completely emerged into the beautiful sounds and completely relaxed. Thank you so much KA

I have a strong feeling of gratitude and honour to Liz for introducing me to such an incredible sound, mind and body experience.

It’s very difficult to accurately describe with words the sounds she creates and feelings she evokes with her instruments; completely surprising me with the astonishing range and depth that emanates from her various gongs and the way that they seem to penetrate my body and soul, also her other less penetrating but equally evocative and unusual instruments. Combining these Liz somehow managed to elicit in me profound and unexpected sensations and visualisations.

On the sensations: The gongs produce reverberations that seem to pass through the solidity of my body creating what feels like a harmonic response from my flesh, bones and brain. The other unusual instruments Liz uses also create sensations in gentler ethereal way.

By the end of the session I was completely, and luxuriously, relaxed. CG

Hi Liz, I hope you are well. Just to let you know that I am still feeling the benefits of your beautiful gong bath….as I have said to you before, it is like an internal massage! GY

After a stressful day at work I quickly slipped away into a deep relaxation when I entered the gong space. This time I experienced different sensations through my body, my head seemed to absorb the vibrations almost making it seem like it was sending waves of sensations through my mind. This followed with feelings of peace and calmness. As the session progressed I felt as though I had balls of energy within the palms of my hands and at the balls of my feet. I felt very relaxed and refreshed at the end of the gong bath Thank you. DA

This was my second gong bath with Liz and the sounds blended seamlessly together such that I heard very few actual strikes of the gongs. The emanation of sound was truly surround-sound, giving the feeling of floating in the expanse. I drifted into a kind of waking sleep where I could hear the gongs but my mind was chasing impossible images, as in a dream. Certain frequencies of sound caused waves of tingling sensation throughout my body and I tried focussing the sensation on areas where I know healing is needed. 

It was interesting to observe the sudden attentiveness of my mind as the sound changed from the deeper rumblings of the gongs to the clear high notes of small bells and the bird-like calls on whistles. Although my body was deeply relaxed my mind was inquisitively following the notes and trying to identify the source of the sound. Altogether, another beautiful experience. GW

Thank you for such a lovely Gong Bath. Once again you made the experience warm, welcoming and intimate. The composition was magical with longer deeper sounds (which I love). My spine pulsated with the vibration of the gongs. AB

I had a gong bath recently with Elizabeth and although I had seen the gongs and heard a few minutes of the sounds before, I didn’t know what to expect.

I had been suffering from a virus the week before which left me with low energy, a tickly cough and just generally feeling not quite 100%. 

It was a beautiful summer’s evening and Liz tucked me up under couple of snuggly blankets. When she started to play, I closed my eyes and let the sounds wash over me.  In my mind’s eye, I could see amazing colours – mostly purple and green which intensified as the gong sounds continued.  It was as though I was being taken deeper and deeper into a kind of nothingness!  Difficult to explain but almost like going down a wormhole in space. 

The different gong sounds brought about different sensations.  One of them resonated in my head so intensely, it was like nothing else existed outside of my body.  I was aware of my blood rushing through the heart chambers and could feel my pulse at my temples. 

For quite a while, I managed not to cough but towards the end, I started to cough more and more as if my body was trying to release and let go of everything which no longer served me. I felt as though I was relaxed and refreshed and spent a little while just being in the moment, listening to the birds and the very distant quiet hum of the gongs as the sounds faded to nothingness. When I awoke a swallow flew in through the open barn doors, said hello, flew around the barn and flew back out – what a treat! 

I slept so deeply that evening and felt more energetic the next day.  SJ

The gongs and other sounds were hypnotic and I was feeling a deep sense of peace and relaxation. The gongs were just amazing, and then other sounds like little bells, owls, frogs – all kinds of magical sound sensations blended into the overall gong bath. I felt deeply relaxed and rested. HW


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