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Gong Bath Birthday Event for 10 Ladies 7th November 2022

Dear Liz

Thank you so very much for the wonderful Gong Bath yesterday!  You were absolutely wonderful and have such immense talents all round!  What a truly amazing, uplifting, healing space you have created in your fantastic barn that is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears! Thank you for your attention and for making that space so warm and cosy for us all. It was commented upon at how interesting it was to hear from you about the Gongs and their production.  In fact, everything you said was interesting! Someone said how much better your gong session was than one they had experienced elsewhere. Love Pauline.

As soon as I entered this beautiful gong space I could feel the sense of sacredness and loving intent radiating from it.

I have a strong feeling of gratitude and honour to Liz for introducing me to such an incredible sound, mind and body experience.

The gongs and other sounds were hypnotic and I was feeling a deep sense of peace and relaxation. The gongs were just amazing, and then other sounds like little bells, owls, frogs – all kinds of magical sound sensations blended into the overall gong bath. I felt deeply relaxed and rested. HW

The different gong sounds brought about different sensations. One of them resonated in my head so intensely, it was like nothing else existed outside of my body. I was aware of my blood rushing through the heart chambers and could feel my pulse at my temples.


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