Qi Mindful Movement

Elizabeth offers Qi Mindful Movement Practice: a series of gentle coordinated body, posture and movement connected to breath work and meditation which is suitable for all levels of ability. Combining a fusion of simple yoga and Qigong standing postures from East Asia.

Elizabeth’s love affair with yoga started some 20 years ago and studied Dance in Yoga with Paula Cunningham, later trainings with Don Conreaux: grand gong master who combines yoga and Qigong with the gong, and currently with White Crane fighting Arts and Mimi Kuo Deemer. Elizabeth has a regular yoga practice at her home with yoga teacher and forest bathing therapist Helena Skoog.

Over the years she has performed at the London Mind Body Soul Exhibition, OM Yoga Show, Wellness retreats, and teaches on the Gong Master Training and has appeared on BBC1 for World Yoga Day.