Relax and unwind to the magical sounds of the gongs in a beautiful tranquil setting in the South Downs National Park, Sussex. Sessions are one hour and thirty minutes. To book and enquire about dates and times available please use the contact form below. 

One to One – Experience a private gong bath with Elizabeth £70. Book

Couples – Two people experiencing a private gong bath with Elizabeth. Open to partners, family and friends £90

Groups – Special celebrations, bespoke events. 6 Persons £120 Book

Vouchers– If you would like to treat a friend or family member to a special gong bath with Elizabeth please enquire

Therapeutic benefits of having a gong bath

Gongs and other musical sound healing instruments played in gong baths can create powerful and evocative vibrations which can help free up our natural energy flows and enhance our lives by harmonising our inner and outer selves to rediscover a natural balance and vitality. I have been discovering and using a range of instruments such as Gongs, Solfeggio chimes, the Wah Wah bar, Tingsha Bells, Himalayan singing bowls, rain stick, rattles and bird whistles in my gong baths. By offering the appropriate vibration from a range of Gongs and other sound healing instruments the human body has the opportunity to re-tune itself in sympathetic resonance with these beautiful harmonious sounds.


In feedback I have received from clients participating in gong baths I have facilitated; most have expressed the deep relaxation they feel after a session. The healing sounds created enable the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and further enable all the body systems to come into homeostasis. As the body relaxes in a sound healing session the parasympathetic nervous system which is part of the autonomic nervous system is activated. The parasympathetic nervous system relaxes the body and inhibits or slows down many high energy functions of the ‘alert’ sympathetic nervous system. Coupled with this is the body’s own “entrainment process” to healing sound waves absorbing into them.  This is acting on Darwin’s theory which concludes the environment around us adapts to the energy we have created in that moment in time.


Scientific evidence supports changes in brainwave activity

It has been verified by science that sound healing can be used to effect and change the rhythm of our brainwaves to different states of consciousness. Apart from the most obvious of being totally asleep; we now know that a sound healing session set with positive intention can induce a greater healing to take place as the brainwaves cinq with the sounds they are receiving. Site the categories of brainwaves, based upon cycles per second (hz the measurement of sound) which reach this “state of being” in a sound healing session:-

Alpha waves 8 -12 hz daydreaming or meditating.

Theta waves 4 – 7 hz deep meditation and where profound healing can occur.

Delta waves 0.5- hz deep sleep and profound states of meditation and healing.

“The Sound of the gong has the effect of lowering the frequency of the brainwaves.” As quoted by Sheila Whittaker in her book Sound Healing with Gongs. Sheila goes on to share with us how many gong clients reach Alpha and Theta states of consciousness during the gong bath.

There is no placebo effect when you see clients asleep or deeply relaxed after a sound healing session; they are merely adapting to the environment a sound therapist has created; bathing them in positive intentional sound surround healing vibrations. Many clients are so completely relaxed, some have even fallen asleep and others feel so empowered that they have given themselves permission to allow their body to heal itself naturally through the power of sound and positive intention. To surrender yourself completely to the healing sounds of the gongs is a powerful tool of attuning to the natural rhythms of your own mind, body and soul which sometimes are out of alignment. During a gong bath every cell in the human body is oscillating together like a wonderful orchestra and the therapist is the conductor: merely the channel to bring it all together. Every doctor and scientist will tell you that the human body is the greatest healer of all, and what better way to restore, renew and nurture yourself in a gong bath to bring that balance about.


Mind Release

Sound therapy aims to create and transmit vibrational energies which act in an orchestrated way, to bring homeostasis to the human body and mind. As the sound waves enter the body sympathetic vibrations occur in all living cells which helps restore and reinforce balance. Each “object” has its own natural frequency of vibration, including the human body. Our brain has the ability to simultaneously meld the complexities of rhythm, pitch, contour, harmony and melody into sounds which if pleasing to the ear, will initiate a response from the pituitary gland, deep in the brain cavity and release the hormones dopamine and serotonin to create a “feel good” experience.

The effect of musical healing sounds on the emotions can be a powerful experience. Client feedback to a gong bath range from feelings of relaxation, joy and happiness, to contemplation, an inner quietness, unwinding and less stressed. Using sounds such as Gongs and other sound healing instruments is a natural therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years throughout many civilisations, enriching the lives of billions and inviting people to find their own self- awareness through sound.


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