Enjoy and experience a Gong Bath with Elizabeth to help raise vital funds for animal rescues centres listed below:

Animal Fundraising Gong Baths Calendar

International Animal Rescue Gong Concert Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came to the International Animal Rescue Gong bath last night. On the door we raised £400 for Great Bear Rescue. Robin from IAR was thrilled with the amount raised and told us that IAR have now rescued 30 brown bears who are living in comfortable sanctuaries in Armenia

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus 19th January 2019 

Thank you to everybody who joined us for the gong bath fundraiser for DOG Rescue Cyprus last night. It was wonderful to see new faces and HAO grads who joined me for our yearly HAO volunteering at the pounds in Dali. We raised £300. Thank you XXX

Walking To Save Dogs

Thank you to everybody who attended the Walking To Save Dogs Gong Fundraiser last night. We raised £400! Our wonderful Robert Donkers founder of WTSD attended and was thrilled with the sum raised. This much needed fundraiser will be supporting dogs rescued from the Thai/Cambodia meat trade and helping in their rehabilitation through Robert’s collaboration with the Sound Of Animals Organisation based in Thailand

Borneo Fundraiser

So grateful for such a wonderful evening with wonderful friends at the Sun Bear and Orangutan Gong Concert Fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to everyone who donated. Concert ticket sales, raffle and JustGiving we have raised £1775 so far! Gong Love X

ACE Gong Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who attended the ACE Gong fundraiser. We raised £300…it was such a beautiful evening I left the barn doors wide open so the birds outside sang along with the sounds of the gongs and for the sounds to permeate all space and time with unconditional love for all sentient beings on our beloved planet. Every gong bath is different and I pay homage to every one of my gongs and other incidental sounds for creating a very special soundscape for all to enjoy XX

The Canine Epilepsy Support Group

Tonight’s gong bath raised £320 for the Canine Epilepsy Support Group. Thank you to everyone who came it was super to raise much needed funds for such a worthy cause XX

Lindsay’s Rescue Animals

Lindsay’s Rescue Animals was set up to help fund individual rescue animals that joined her Animal School Educational Service in Sussex. These animals were damaged or donated in various ways but all needed to be rescued and rehabilitated. Of the 100 animals at Animal School about 80 of them are rescues. Lindsay also takes in and looks after baby birds or injured wildlife, working with vets and other rescue organisations. Lindsay’s Rescue Animals will continue to look after those rescues, offer wildlife rehabilitation and the pets that need it are found new and loving homes.

There have been four parrots rescued in the last couple of years.  A rare stray Vasa who was donated and driven to Newquay Zoo to be part of a breeding program, Peter-train a plucky African Grey who had been kept in a tiny enclosure all of his life, Kazooie a very noisy and swearing blue and yellow macaw and our resident mascot Banjo the Greenwing macaw.

Lindsay’s feedback to Elizabeth’s Animal Fundraising Gong Baths
“Elizabeth’s fundraising gong baths and HAO sponsored walks has paid for an aviary and a travel cage for Banjo, a new enclosure for the African Grey, A wonderful wooden tree perch for the Blue and Gold. The donations are normally put into real things that you can see the animals enjoying and benefiting from.It has also funded operations and vaccinations for individual animals and birds.

“Since discovering the wonderful sounds of Elizabeth’s gongs, I have attended every one of her evenings. They provide an opportunity to relax and be engulfed by the primeval sounds. I love them! The sound of the gongs, is in my opinion a reminder that we are all Living beings and all connected in this world.

Like many of the rescue organisations, I cannot express enough how much Elizabeth’s fund raising gong baths help the animals we work with. What a lovely way to help animals and reset our energies for a busy world.” Lindsay Cross Lindsay’s Rescue Animals

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus
D.O.G Rescue Cyprus is a registered charity with the sole aim of saving and re-homing the stray dogs of the Dali and Nisou municipality shelters. Municipality shelters can legally send dogs to the veterinary services to be killed if their family is not found or if no one adopts them.

The estimated number of abandoned dogs in Cyprus is 170,000 per year. Estimated number of dogs killed every year by the veterinary services 20,000, most of them healthy dogs.

Since 2010 D.O.G Rescue Cyprus have been rescuing dogs. In the last 7 years D.O.G Rescue Cyprus has saved and rehomed over 2,000 dogs in Cyprus and (mainly) abroad – UK, Holland, Belgium and Germany. At any given time, there are 120-160 dogs under our care.

We receive zero help from the government and municipalities. The legal framework on animal welfare in Cyprus; its weak enforcement and low sensitization of authorities on the issue, make change very slow. In the meantime, lives need to be saved. Cyprus is overrun with unwanted and stray dogs. Shelters are full, and the nightmare of finding the financial support and the volunteers necessary to care for, and rehome these dogs, is a harsh reality that is played out day in day out, year after year.

In Cyprus, many beautiful, healthy dogs are destroyed every day…it’s a heart-breaking situation. Dogs are dumped at the pound, or in the middle of fields with no hope of shelter.

We have rescued dogs who have been tied to trees and abandoned, thrown from cars on the motorway, puppies dumped in bins in plastic bags, hunting dogs abandoned if they can’t hunt, or are thrown out at the end of the hunting season…the list is endless and the dogs just keep coming.

Linda’s feedback to Elizabeth’s Animal Fundraising Gong Baths
“Elizabeth’s fundraising gong baths are the most amazing experiences! Love you Elizabeth and the money from this fundraiser will go to create the puppy play area.  Elizabeth and the Healing Animals Organisation have been incredibly supportive over the years and we are very grateful to all the students who volunteer their time and expertise in Cyprus helping rescued dogs find their forever loving home.” Linda Demetriou D.O.G Rescue Cyprus

Animal Care in Egypt ACE
Healing Animals Organisation have been supporting ACE in fundraising activities such as gong baths and sponsored walks and as working volunteers at the hospital in Luxor Egypt. Elizabeth has witnessed the need for proper veterinary care and rehabilitation for the hundreds of animals that flock to the hospital. In January of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Elizabeth and her students worked at the ACE animal hospital in Luxor and treated hundreds of working donkeys and horses and scores of cats and dogs. They took medical bandages and first aid supplies from the UK as the most basic of equipment is hard to come by in some parts of Egypt. To encourage farmers to bring their exhausted and over worked animals to ACE the hospital treats them for free.

It is not only the larger animals that need our help: hundreds of stray cats and dogs that roam the streets of Luxor are infested with ticks, mange and suffering from road traffic accidents. Litters of unwanted puppies are born because of a lack of neutering or spaying facilities available and consequently they die of malnutrition or they are deliberately poisoned.

It was the Healing Animals Organisation wish to fundraise and help set up a small animal clinic within the ACE hospital to offer neutering and spaying to dogs and cats, emergency cases and road traffic accidents. The Healing Animals Organisation collaborated with RSPCA Brighton and jointly raised money to help set up the Small Animal Unit. The gong baths have contributed greatly to help support this incredible hard working charity in Egypt.

Kim’s feedback to Elizabeth’s Animal Fundraising Gong Baths
“I love Elizabeth’s gong baths! Many thanks to Elizabeth and the Healing Animals Organisation for these funds which enable us to continue our work.” Kim Taylor  ACE Egypt

“Our team at ACE work hard to make sure that every animal receives the treatment and care it needs, and it is thanks to kind people like Elizabeth, her students and you, that this is possible. Together, we can make a real difference to the lives of animals in Luxor and the surrounding area so that they can have a brighter future. Thank you once again from everyone at ACE.” Helen Collins Fundraising Manager

Sussex Bat Hospital
Amanda Millar has been running the bat hospital from her home in Hurstpierpoint for 14 years and takes in bats of all species from Sussex and neighbouring counties. This is the main rehabilitation centre for orphaned bat pups and juveniles which come from all over Sussex as well as some from Surrey, Kent and Hampshire; rearing them and providing the opportunity to hone their skills before release back into the wild. Adult bats come in with a variety of injuries, many of which are cured and released where they were found. Those who are too disabled are given a permanent place of safety and companionship at the Bat Hospital with other bat species for the rest of their lives. Amanda coordinates the other bat carers in the Sussex Bat Group and trains new carers. Funding is achieved through donations, with the main costs being mealworms to feed the 60 bats currently in residence ((between £1200-1400pa), petrol when rescuing bats (24/7) and kitchen towels to line the cages.  In 2017 the outdoor rehabilitation cage – The Batzebo – needed to be replaced.

Amanda feedback to Elizabeth’s Animal Fundraising Gong Baths
“Thank you to Elizabeth’s brilliant Halloween fundraising gong baths and the Healing Animals Organisation sponsored walks have enabled us to buy a new Batzebo to use in rehabilitating the bats and purchase large quantities of mealworms for the rescued and injured bats.” Amanda Millar Sussex Bat Hospital


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