About Elizabeth Whiter COSH Dip.WSA MNFSH MHAO IIZ

Elizabeth has been a professional healer for over twenty years and has a full time healing centre in Sussex. Her pioneering animal healing school, the Healing Animals Organisation trains and registers graduates in Diplomas in Animal and Equine Healing. She travels worldwide with her students to give healing at animal sanctuaries and fundraise for them. Elizabeth’s fundraising gong baths and concerts have raised thousands of pounds for named animal charities and rescue centres. Elizabeth is the author of The Animal Healer and co-author of You Can Heal Your Pet by Hay House and her CDs include Animal Whispers, Tibetan Soul Journey and Journey through the Chakras. She has appeared on radio and BBC television.

Elizabeth is passionate about the benefits of sound healing and is the principal teacher of Diplomas in Movement, Sound and Creative Meditation. Students from all over the world train with Elizabeth in sound related therapies coupled with energy healing, movement and dance and creative meditation. Students are able to play and practise with a large collection of gongs, percussion instruments, crystal bowls and chimes and are encouraged to express their unique gifts and creative passions.

Elizabeth trained and is a graduate of many complementary therapies including Reiki, NFSH Healing, Dip. WSA Sound Therapy, COSH Gong Practitioner, Nutritional Kinesiology, IIZ Zoopharmacognosy. Elizabeth regularly performs at the London Mind Body Soul, OM Yoga Show, Mind Body Spirit and the Medicine Musical Festivals. She teaches in Tokyo and South Africa and appeared on BBC1 for World Yoga Day.

Elizabeth owes her early sound healing training to visionary musician and artist Tim Wheater. After graduating from the Wheater Sound Academy Liz collaborated with Tim and created the Animal Whispers CD. A number of amazing synchronicities brought Elizabeth to the Gong and her deep heartfelt desire and vision to play gongs to raise vital funds for named animal charities. Elizabeth embarked on a journey of gong training with gong luminaries Sheila Whittaker, Don Conreaux, Aidan Mcintyre, Christoff Bernhard and graduated in the Gong Practitioner Training with the College of Sound Healing.

Elizabeth is a proud and grateful guardian to a collection of beautiful gongs

Elizabeth is passionate about sharing these incredible sounds and their healing abilities by facilitating gong baths and fundraising gong concerts. Over the years Elizabeth has been very fortunate to become the proud guardian of a range of gongs including the new 42’ Universe Gong made by Rolf Nitsch of Gongland. A selection of Paiste Symphonic gongs; including one made by legendary gong maker Walter Meyer. A Paiste planet gong Uranus complements the range. The stainless steel 34’ Yin Yang Gong and 32’ Iris Moon Gong by Gong maker Michael Milas then followed. Then another 36’ Symphonic gong made by Broder Oetken complemented the ensemble of European gongs. Elizabeth then turned her attention to the Far East: With the help of Kevin Goulding sourced the beautiful large Wind and Chau gongs. To complement this duo of gongs, in 2017 Elizabeth was working with Orangutans and Sun Bears in Borneo. By chance she came across a traditional gong foundry and bought a Bornean Gong inscribed with a water dragon. It was perfect timing as Elizabeth played her new gong to the Orangutans. It was very well received and the staff and veterinary fraternity were delighted how favourably the Orangutans responded to the sounds of the gong. Elizabeth is returning to Borneo in 2018 to continue her healing work in a sensory enrichment programme for Orangutans and Sun Bears.

The “orchestra” of any gong bath could not be complete without other incidental soothing healing sounds such as Himalayan bowls, 528Hz chimes, bird sounds and percussion instruments that harmonise and compliment the gongs. Over the years Elizabeth has sourced a range of high quality and pure sounding percussion instruments in which she delights in playing at the gong baths.

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