Amanda Millar has been running the bat hospital from her home in Hurstpierpoint for 14 years and takes in bats of all species from Sussex and neighbouring counties. This is the main rehabilitation centre for orphaned bat pups and juveniles which come from all over Sussex as well as some from Surrey, Kent and Hampshire; rearing them and providing the opportunity to hone their skills before release back into the wild. Adult bats come in with a variety of injuries, many of which are cured and released where they were found. Those who are too disabled are given a permanent place of safety and companionship at the Bat Hospital with other bat species for the rest of their lives. Amanda coordinates the other bat carers in the Sussex Bat Group and trains new carers. Funding is achieved through donations, with the main costs being mealworms to feed the 60 bats currently in residence ((between £1200-1400pa), petrol when rescuing bats (24/7) and kitchen towels to line the cages.  In 2017 the outdoor rehabilitation cage – The Batzebo – needed to be replaced.

Amanda feedback to Elizabeth’s Animal Fundraising Gong Baths
“Thank you to Elizabeth’s brilliant Halloween fundraising gong baths and the Healing Animals Organisation sponsored walks have enabled us to buy a new Batzebo to use in rehabilitating the bats and purchase large quantities of mealworms for the rescued and injured bats.” Amanda Millar Sussex Bat Hospital