We have been volunteering our services at Moorcroft for over 10 years offering equine complementary therapies to the beautiful broken down horses from the race track. Sadly many of these horses require vet treatment and post-operative care for many months and years. These bills can amount to thousands of pounds per horse. Fortunately Mary, who runs Moorcroft and our dear friend at the Healing Animals Organisation is very grateful to all our fundraising activities. The covered outside arena was a perfect venue for our December Xmas Gong Bath complete with ample parking. Plenty of space and fresh air, we felt very comfortable and safe especially in these difficult Covid times. Sound checks completed and the acoustics in the arena were good. Participants lay on yoga mats with their own bedding or sat down in the seated arena. 

“Thank you to everyone who came to our Moorcroft Equine Fundraiser Gong Concert. We raised £545 and thankfully it was surprisingly mild in the covered outside arena. It was full of Xmas cheer, gonging in candlelight, decorated in tinsel, mince pies and first time to be playing in a sand arena! This very worthy donation will pay for the December horse feed bill. 

Caroline Elliott

It was definitely the best one I have been to! Absolutely brilliant, slept like a log and through my alarm this morning!!  xx

Charlotte Leech

The gongs sounded incredible in the arena. A brilliant evening thank you xx