Lindsay’s Rescue Animals was set up to help fund individual rescue animals that joined her Animal School Educational Service in Sussex. These animals were damaged or donated in various ways but all needed to be rescued and rehabilitated. Of the 100 animals at Animal School about 80 of them are rescues. Lindsay also takes in and looks after baby birds or injured wildlife, working with vets and other rescue organisations. Lindsay’s Rescue Animals will continue to look after those rescues, offer wildlife rehabilitation and the pets that need it are found new and loving homes.

There have been four parrots rescued in the last couple of years.  A rare stray Vasa who was donated and driven to Newquay Zoo to be part of a breeding program, Peter-train a plucky African Grey who had been kept in a tiny enclosure all of his life, Kazooie a very noisy and swearing blue and yellow macaw and our resident mascot Banjo the Greenwing macaw.

Lindsay’s feedback to Elizabeth’s Animal Fundraising Gong Baths
“Elizabeth’s fundraising gong baths and HAO sponsored walks has paid for an aviary and a travel cage for Banjo, a new enclosure for the African Grey, A wonderful wooden tree perch for the Blue and Gold. The donations are normally put into real things that you can see the animals enjoying and benefiting from.It has also funded operations and vaccinations for individual animals and birds.

“Since discovering the wonderful sounds of Elizabeth’s gongs, I have attended every one of her evenings. They provide an opportunity to relax and be engulfed by the primeval sounds. I love them! The sound of the gongs, is in my opinion a reminder that we are all Living beings and all connected in this world.

Like many of the rescue organisations, I cannot express enough how much Elizabeth’s fund raising gong baths help the animals we work with. What a lovely way to help animals and reset our energies for a busy world.” Lindsay Cross Lindsay’s Rescue Animals