Neil Johnson head instructor and founder of the White Crane Fighting Arts in Burgess Hill decided he would like me to facilitate two gong baths in one day for his Tai Chi senior members and Kung Fu members. We decided it would be a fundraiser for Lindsay’s Rescue Animals and the donations would go towards the building of a new avian enclosure. The two gong baths were restricted in numbers due to this winter’s Covid regulations. Thankfully it was a very mild day: all doors were open so natural flowing air permeated the gong space and after the gong we ate mince pies and hot tea outside. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet such lovely people. The two gong baths raised a total of £300. 

“Thank you so much Liz I really enjoyed the gong bath. It was stunning and I’m really grateful to the amount raised towards the new enclosure. It’s always a difficult time for us in the winter and this donation is truly needed right now” Lindsay 

“Thank you so much Liz, my Tai Chi and Kung Fu members really enjoyed the Gong experience, everyone still raving about the experience in Tai Chi today and great it can help Lindsay’s animals. Thanks again for making it a great day” Neil